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Astrology Predictions

Moon Sign Predictions from August 31, 2013 to September 6, 2013 by Acharya Anoop

  • Aries: The last week of the month will be much better than the first three weeks. There are chances of making profitable deals this week. Pending tasks could be completed without much effort.

  • Taurus: Business men and traders would find this week extremely favorable. Your business would attract new customers. Money lent in the past would be recovered. If you seeking an alliance for someone in the family, you would make good progress in it.

  • Gemini: Your frustration from things last week could be resolved partially this week. If you had visited any hospitals in the recent past, you are likely to hear some good news about your health condition. You would recover gradually to the delight of your family.

  • Cancer: Though there will be some amount of running from pillar to post to get things done, you will feel satisfied at the end of the day. This is because you will be able to get the desired result. The arrival of friends or relatives might increase your family expenses.

  • Leo:  This period will start with many untoward incidents. Unexpected arguments will come up. Disputes with neighbors, brickbats from boss, and differences with parents or spouse would be come up. This is the time to keep perfect control over your words. Showing your resistance will make situation more badly.

  • Virgo: This week too will come out with mixed results, like in the past few weeks. Dissatisfaction and despair will be there. Infrastructure related troubles will be there at workplace. There is a chance of a vehicular accident. Women should be careful when going out.

  • Libra: Mixed results will come up during this period. Though there are clear signs of increase in your income levels, there will be certain amount of expenses that will eat up the pie thus narrowing down your available surplus. Though progress can be seen in works that are in progress, they might not come to a logical ending.

  • Scorpio: Like in the past, the start of the week will go on a cool and positive note with whatever task you are taking up getting competed successfully. Atmosphere at home will be accommodating. Health of parents getting better will bring in some relief to you. You are likely to take part in a spiritual or a devotional program along with other family members. You are likely to make a donation.

  • Sagittarius: Some troubles are inevitable during the first days of this period because of the impact of Ashtama Chandra. Minor hurdles such as vehicle going bad during journey, mobile phone suddenly not working properly etc. will cause some inconvenience to you. Let the period pass by and you will be able to enjoy the rest of the week.

  • Capricorn: Mixed results are on the cards for whatever task that you undertake to do. You will be able to see and understand the ups and downs of various things in such a short time. Family related troubles will keep coming up but you will be able to recover pretty quickly. You will feel a little unhappy at the bad company and love affairs that your kids might be having.

  • AquariusFamily issues will keep you on a sad note during this week. News of your brother moving away from your home, or that he is starting a new business separate from that of your, will make you even more sadder. However, you will largely agree with his premise and try to soothe elders of your family who are even more worried than you.

  • Pisces: Several incidents that happen in these two days leave you with grief and broken heart. Disputes with spouse on little insignificant things might happen. Negative comments and criticism from others against you will make you lose interest. Despite putting in efforts, tasks might not get completed to the desired extent. Workflow at office will not be on a smooth path.

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