Cosmic Rebalancing


In the journey of life, we face numerous crossroads. Such crossroads occur at different stages of life, e.g. in our careers, in our pursuit of education, in our love life and so on. When we confront such situations, it is usually associated with certain hardships, hurdles and hills to climb.

At other times, you could also be affected when you are going through some physical or mental suffering such as hidden phobias or fear of the unknown among others. It is usually difficult for most people to ascertain why they have to undergo such strange and intriguing hardships that defy reason.

Our Cosmic rebalancing sessions address these and many other related problems that individuals may face at certain points of their lives. So, how do you ascertain whether you need Cosmic rebalancing? For your convenience, we have listed out certain syndromes in your Cosmic life that will indicate whether you require Cosmic rebalancing.


Are you constantly under the impression that there’s something missing in your life?

(e.g. you’re not where you ought to be; you’re not getting what you deserve; you feel that you’re always shortchanged)
Healing energies from our experts will give you direction in life and the power to get what you deserve.

Are you going through a similar phase of disappointment you have experienced earlier?

(e.g. you feel you’re going through a difficult phase of life that you’ve gone through earlier)
Our experts’ spiritual tips will help you deal with the “karmic cycle” and remove effects of bad karma so that you move ahead in life and stop lingering on with difficulties.

Are you suffering from insomnia? Are the challenges of your life taking away your sleep?

(e.g. you spend night after night trying to mentally sort out problems that have become hurdles in your progress)
Consultation with our experts provides you spiritual techniques to balance energies in your body and around you. This creates favorable and encouraging perspective in your life.


If you think you need cosmic rebalancing, please contact our experts. Give us your name, date of birth, and place, and fill the contact form. You can call, email, or contact them in person. Tell them your problem. Balance your energies and see how wonderful life is!

Delivery Methods

Practice of cosmic sciences such as Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Tarot etc is based on scientific calculations coupled with interpretation of divine signals. It would be unfair to commercialize such pious divinations. We strive to keep this website non-commercial and provide free and fair services, predictions and consultations to all those that come to us with questions, concerns and problems.


Our executive will call/Email you within 24 hours to fix up the time of telephonic conversation with our expert.

Personal Meeting

Our executive will call/email within 24 hours to fix up a personal appointment for you with our expert.
If you want our consultants to visit you for a consultation, kindly make arrangements to and fro for transportation for them apart from a voluntary contribution of any amount that you deem fit.