Cosmic Creativity


Does your child have the ability to think laterally? Or do you often imagine that he knows what the 4th side of a triangle might look like? Don’t let it drift…because your child may be one of those rare gems that Mother Nature has endowed with a special ability – creativity!

Individuals like your child are the X factors of our world, responsible for all the great achievements – discoveries, inventions, breakthroughs, innovations, trends, regulations, victories and a lot more. So, if you realize that your child thinks differently from his peers don’t be alarmed because he is the lucky one!

Cosmic Creativity is the process of identifying, nurturing and developing raw creative talent into dynamic and constructive bundles of creativity in a specific area of interest. Like everything else in our Cosmic universe, creativity traces its roots to the 5 elements – earth, water, fire, air and space.

Whether you’re a veteran whose creative juices have dried up or a greenhorn who is not able to find the spark to ignite his/her creative urge, you’ve come to the right place. We have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the hurdles in your Cosmic environment and help you shine in all your creative brilliance.

We provide:

  • Creative solutions for children
  • Personality development for individuals
  • Theater/acting classes
  • Art


Are you worried about your child’s poor academic result?

The creativity level in your child is apparently low and that’s reflecting in his academic performance. You don’t have to worry though. We have a long experience of providing successful solutions in such cases. Contact us today.

Your child’s creative juices will flow un-abruptly, improving her academic performance. Our creative solutions will help her focus on studies and take interest in extra-curricular activities.

Is your child getting into trouble too often due to bad temperament?

A creative child has the ability to work his way around challenging situations, be it interpersonal relations or emergency situations. That happens because of the dynamism that creativity imbibes in the child. Don’t let your child lose his way. Contact us today.

Your child will get direction to channel her creativity. She will also learn to control her bad temperament. Our personality development classes will help your child discover her strengths and weaknesses, hidden talents, and ways to make each day productive. She will learn code of conduct and communication manners that enhances her personality.

Is your child suffering from lack of ideas in the playground or music school?

Creativity is an integral part of sports and fine arts like music or painting. If your child is performing poorly in the music school or in sports, don’t ignore it thinking this is just a pastime. There may be a Tendulkar or a Sonu Nigam inside your child waiting to be discovered. Contact us today.

Sometimes, creativity gets suppressed within layers of daily pressures, work, studies, and other activities. Expert consultation will help your child dig into her creative self. Our theater/acting classes and art sessions will bring out her hidden talents and help her shed her inhibitions or shyness. It will instill confidence and a fearless attitude in her. She will also learn to express herself better.


Give us the name, date of birth, and place of your child. Also give us your name, date of birth, and place, and fill the contact form. Mold your child with positive energies and an enthusiastic outlook of life so that she is better able to handle life’s challenges later.

Delivery Methods

Practice of cosmic sciences such as Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Tarot etc is based on scientific calculations coupled with interpretation of divine signals. It would be unfair to commercialize such pious divinations. We strive to keep this website non-commercial and provide free and fair services, predictions and consultations to all those that come to us with questions, concerns and problems.


Our executive will call/Email you within 24 hours to fix up the time of telephonic conversation with our expert.

Personal Meeting

Our executive will call/email within 24 hours to fix up a personal appointment for you with our expert.If you want our consultants to visit you for a consultation, kindly make arrangements to and fro for transportation for them apart from a voluntary contribution of any amount that you deem fit.