Cosmic Counseling

In our day-to-day lives, we face numerous challenges of varying degrees.


In our day-to-day lives, we face numerous challenges of varying degrees. Many of these challenges are minor while some are major and serious issues. Irrespective of the challenge, you need to be at the right place, at the right time, to overcome it.

Interestingly, how we succeed or fail to overcome these challenges at present is not necessarily because we are always able to understand them. The truth is, our way of overcoming these challenges is like going through traffic crossroads, blindfolded.

Yes, most of us hardly see the signals at these crossroads and suffer mishaps as a result. So, it’s important for you to remove the blindfold to be able to see the signals at the crossroads, and avoid mishaps to complete the journey of your life, safely.

What then, are these crossroads, what are these signals and why do they become such difficult hurdles in our lives? Well, the answer isn’t really simple but neither is it incomprehensible. It relates directly to your cosmic environment, especially the influence of your Karma which could date back to your previous lives.

Consult our experts to get answers and solutions to help pass through life’s crossroads smoothly. Cosmic counseling gives you direction, purpose, and the right path in the journey of life.


Our Cosmic Counseling involves comprehensive Cosmic diagnosis and optimum solutions for individuals facing insurmountable odds in life. To begin with, we don’t offer drastic solutions across the board for every soul that comes to us with problems in life.

Our Cosmic counseling begins with a comprehensive mapping and diagnosis of your Cosmic environment, followed by precise solutions to help you overcome the challenges. At Cosmic Center, we don’t jump to conclusions about your problems and neither do we offer the same set of solutions for every problem we get to deal with.

Cosmic counseling makes you a decisive person, who has the insight to deal with problems with a positive attitude. He or she can overcome hurdles without stumbling and has the knack to attract positivity in life. You become attuned to the cosmic universe and, once this happens, your life is never the same again.


For cosmic counseling, give us your name, date of birth, and place, and fill the contact form. Some people need to go beyond their comfort zones to achieve success in life, while some get success within their comfort zone. The trick is to EXPAND your comfort zone. Contact us today to know the trick.

Delivery Methods

Practice of cosmic sciences such as Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Tarot etc is based on scientific calculations coupled with interpretation of divine signals. It would be unfair to commercialize such pious divinations. We strive to keep this website non-commercial and provide free and fair services, predictions and consultations to all those that come to us with questions, concerns and problems.


Our executive will call/Email you within 24 hours to fix up the time of telephonic conversation with our expert.

Personal Meeting

Our executive will call/email within 24 hours to fix up a personal appointment for you with our expert.If you want our consultants to visit you for a consultation, kindly make arrangements to and fro for transportation for them apart from a voluntary contribution of any amount that you deem fit.