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In Indian tradition, past life plays a highly critical role in the present life of an individual.


In Indian tradition, past life plays a highly critical role in the present life of an individual. It is said that the Karma (deeds) committed by the individual in his past life have a definite impact on his present life. Hence, the malefic ill effects of the individual’s bad deeds will bring misfortune and suffering in his present life.

The malefic ill effects of an individual’s past life on his present life, is known as Dosha and this is a Cosmic effect. However, other major factors like the planetary position at the time of the individual’s birth along with certain elements in his Cosmic environment, also bring misfortune and suffering to him and his loved ones.

This is basically a burden many of us are born with and such individuals are classified as Manglik. It implies that the Manglik individual is carrying one or more Doshas or malefic ill effects from his or her past life. These Doshas sometimes, create havoc in the life of such individuals and those close to them.

There are ways to minimize and in some cases, completely eliminate the effect of these Doshas on the individual concerned and those who are close to them. Our Cosmic Counselors study and analyze the depth of these Doshas on the individual concerned, and chart out the safest path for them to deal with them.


Consultation with our experts helps you get freedom from various doshas and ill-effects of past karmas. They study your doshas, planetary positions, and find out astrological ways to minimize their effects or completely remove. They suggest prayers and dosha nivarana techniques to make your life comfortable and free from the bad influence of these doshas.


Give us your name, date of birth, and place, and fill the contact form. Tell us about your sufferings in life and problems that don’t seem to go away. Our experts will analyze them and detect the dosha, along with giving you the solutions.

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