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Cosmic Centre is one of those ideas that evolved in my mind over a period of time. It’s a pioneering idea that didn’t drop in front of me like Newton’s proverbial apple. Rather, I experienced it down the years as I became increasingly wary of using the term astrology to define my line of work, which, I feel, is Cosmic Counseling.

Let’s face it – people with problems just want to overcome the hurdles they confront. Astrology is but the study of the Cosmic Universe. Why would my clients worry about astrology? What they are concerned about is their respective Cosmic Universe. An investment banker is normally an MBA (Finance) but his clients are just interested in what he has to offer as an investment banker; they won’t be bothered about what he studied. The bottom-line is – if he’s an established investment banker he must have the right pedigree.

So, there’s a crying need to redefine astrological counseling which is a critical service segment in the context of the 21st century knowledge economy. Therefore, I focused on the basics of what constitutes Cosmology - Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space. It’s basic science. I realized that my best bet is to open up the arena to anyone who came to me and explain to him or her, in layman’s terms, all about their Cosmic Universe.

I didn’t wait to allow this realization fade into memory and acted because I knew the world of astrological counseling deserves this redefinition. I know it will help counselors focus on the priorities of their clients more meaningfully because I’m already experiencing it myself. For your benefit, I and my colleagues at Cosmic Centre are henceforth going to be your Cosmic Counselors.

Cosmic Rebalancing

In the journey of life, we face numerous crossroads. Such crossroads occur at different stages of life, e.g. in our careers, in our pursuit of education, in our love life and so on. When we confront such situations, it is usually associated with certain hardships, hurdles and hills to climb.

At other times, you could also be affected when you are going through some physical or mental suffering such as hidden phobias or fear of the unknown among others. It is usually difficult for most people to ascertain why they have to undergo such strange and intriguing hardships that defy reason.

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